Is It Time To Get Together? 

Events and membership organisations go together like yin and yang. The coming together of members and potential members is a valuable tool in a member organisations value proposition. As such, we have added in an Event Manager. This event manager allows your to actively promote events via your public website and even accept payments via third party gateways.
Not bad if I do say so myself...


Or maybe it is an event with all the trimmings?

The Conference Management functionality is used to manage complex events, where there are, multiple registration options, A number of program items, some which may be optional and finally additional tickets required. Registration can be made on-line without needing to login or create an account. Payment, if required, can be by either invoice or by credit card (assuming you have a payment gateway established).

Are you running workshops and meetings?

The Event Management functionality is used to manage simple events with just one registration option. These are typically one-off events; bookings can be made on-line without needing to login or create an account. One neat feature with the Event Management page is the ability to link an online payment gateway so that you can accept payments via credit card...nice!


You now have the option to event manage in-house

For larger events you may have enlisted the skills and knowledge of an external event manager. This still may be part of your business process however you can now have a little more control of your events and a potential software package outlay that an external event manager may bring with them. Cost control has got to be good for you.